Humans are inseparable from their objects. The objects created, adapted, used, coveted and discarded give our species its identity. Objects define us and provide the comforting background to human life although our inability to effectively destroy them leads to a rich but problematic accumulation. The indisputable fact is that most objects have the potential to survive providing the only trace of the existence of their nominal human owners. Some of these objects we find interesting and revealing, others we don’t even notice but they all persist.

It is the nature of humans to be restlessly changing and moving on, but objects remain, unregistered in our consciousness, to fulfil an independent existence, displacing space and defining time, by virtue of their inert and indefatigable presence. It is this powerful existential quality that has been the attraction of Still-Life painting throughout the history of art.

 A developing and changing collection of painting, sculpture, mixed media and video works exploring the relationship humans have with objects.

Work on this theme has been exhibited at:-

Riverhouse Barn,  Walton-on-Thames, 2009

20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, in 2010

Alfred East Art Gallery, Kettering, Northamptonshire 2011

The Persistent Object

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