“I work in both two and three dimensions within fine art practice. My two dimensional work includes the disciplines of painting, drawing, collage and photography. I paint in oil on canvas, or work on rigid surfaces combining paint with found objects, 3D elements and collage. I also develop works on paper using drawing, mono printing and mixed media. All the work involves the interplay of freedom and restraint. Splattered, sprayed and dribbled paint contrasts with highly wrought areas of recognisable imagery. The paintings progress as a complex series of layers. Grids are often used to provide a structure for the more unpredictable elements. Text is important in the paintings for its visual effect, as a prompt to the imagination and as an indicator of the difficulty of establishing definite meaning that can be tied to shifting visual appearances.”

“My sculptural work is a fusion of construction and clay modelling, the latter often transformed via crude press moulding techniques to produce the 3D equivalent of unpredictable paint surfaces. Text is often impressed into the clay surfaces or applied in relief.”

“I have made video and slide sequence pieces exploring the working of memory. Some concentrate on evoking aspects of the natural environment and the way human presence intervenes through objects. Others, made with local collaboration, combine memories with the sights, sounds and events recorded during a short time span in a particular place. Text is often used in the films to enrich the range of sensations that can be recorded.”

“I tend to work in series endeavouring to create sequences of works in different media that can be shown together as an exploration of variations on specific themes, such as objects defining human identity, the role of objects as markers in space and time, objects in interiors and objects in the landscape.”

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